Harvest Moon

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9.5" X 6.5" (approx)
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Also known as the Wine Moon, the Full Harvest Moon occurs closest to the autumnal equinox when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same place as the Earths’ equator. The orange and red coloring, as portrayed on the exterior of this vessel, is caused by the scattering of bluish light as the Moon is viewed through much more of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Traditionally, this is the time of year when the last crops are being gathered, generating color filtering particles in the atmosphere (symbolized on the interior of the vessel). For several days following the Full Harvest Moon the Moon rises approximately 30 minutes later from one night to the next. Hence there is less darkness between sunset and moonrise, providing more light to be productive.

Recent & Upcoming Full Harvest Moons:

    October 01, 2020
    September 20, 2021
    September 10, 2022
    September 29, 2023
    September 18, 2024
    September 07, 2025

- All art work is handmade by Robert Wiener in the DC Art Glass Studio. Kilnforming is a method of shaping glass in a kiln using heat and gravity. Techniques used by the artist include fusing, slumping, casting, printmaking and coldworking. It is common of kilnformed glass to have slight color shifts and small "champagne" bubbles.