Light of the Silvery Moon (sold)

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One of a kind. -SOLD-
9.5" x 6.5" (approx)
Image Description:
Shown tilted.

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon was inspired by the song featured in the 1953 Warner Brothers movie musical of the same name. The film is the sequel to “On Moonlight Bay” (1951). Both movies are loosely based on the 1914-1929 “Penrod” stories penned by Booth Tarkington and follow the Windield family in the small town of Milburn, Indiana, post WWI.

Look closely at the color and texture of the vessel interior. The metallic appearance is actually caused by a reaction when fired in the kiln. The glass that now appears gray metallic starts out shinny blue, but as it heats and is exposed to air, it turns a “metallic” color and texture. The small blue spots were areas capped with clear glass before firing, preventing the reaction to occur.

- All art work is handmade by Robert Wiener in the DC Art Glass Studio. Kilnforming is a method of shaping glass in a kiln using heat and gravity. Techniques used by the artist include fusing, slumping, casting, printmaking and coldworking. It is common of kilnformed glass to have slight color shifts and small "champagne" bubbles.